Add tested Drupal patches that have not been committed to CVS.

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This one isn't a patch but a suggested workaround exists for a problem of cron.php failing on the site. The conflict of the workaround is the site will be temporarily mis-rendered. I will attempt to find the issue in Drupal core code since the workaround is specific to a particular text filter.

I noticed, just this morning,

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I noticed, just this morning, that the site report shows an error condition for cron. I presume this is related, and that you are already aware of it?

Yes, one of the tasks above

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Yes, one of the tasks above hopes to take care of the issue. It appears that the PHP text filter is mis-behaving for the search cron causing it to abort. One workaround is to disable the PHP filter execute cron (maybe multiple times) then enable the PHP filter.

The note on the front page is about this error.

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