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Installing MinGW on Win32

HOWTO Install the MinGW (GCC) Compiler Suite

HOWTO Interpret the Names of Packages Distributed by

HOWTO Write Specifications for Packages to be Distributed via mingw-get

HOWTO Understanding effects of build directory options on a relocatable MinGW GCC default's paths

Compiling and Linking

HOWTO Compile Programs with MinGW -- A Guide for New Users

HOWTO Compile Programs with GCJ

HOWTO Solve Hanging Linking Under Windows 7

Using External Libraries with MinGW

HOWTO Specify Header or Include File Search Paths

HOWTO Specify the Location of External Libraries for Use by GCC

HOWTO Customise Search Paths, Using the GCC Specs File

HOWTO Use Mark J. Kilgard's OpenGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT) with MinGW

HOWTO Compile the OpenGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT) for Win32 with MinGW

HOWTO Compile and Use the Mpatrol memory leak detection library

MinGW and Other Platforms

HOWTO Build MinGW as a Cross Compiler for Win32 Development on GNU Linux

HOWTO Build a MinGW-Win32 Hosted Cross Compiler for Other Platforms

Contributing to MinGW Development

HOWTO Submit Bug Reports for MinGW Defects

HOWTO Submit Patches to Correct MinGW Bugs or to Add MinGW Features


HOWTO Create an MSYS Build Environment


HOWTO Build an MSYS Application

HOWTO Create an MSYS Release

User Contributed HOWTOs

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HOWTO Set the HOME variable for cmd exe
Bootstrapping GLIB with MinGW

Offsite HOWTO References

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Setting Up Eclipse for C++ Development (in Windows)



I'm not sure what the correct area/forum to post developer questions is but hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. If you can help me now, here's my problem....

My task is to take C code that was designed and previously compiled and run on the Solaris platform, and do what is necessary to make it compile and run on Windows. I'm using MinGW as my solution. I have it all set up and running but I ran into a few compile errors. The main error that I've been looking to resolve has to do with a "truncate" function that's being used to truncate a string. The error looks something like this:

       error: 'truncate' was not declared in this scope.<br><br>

This code previously worked on Solaris.

My question is, do you know what I should be using to perform String truncations in this version of the C compiler? Or is there a C library reference manual that I can view online to see what's available to me when using MinGW?



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You really should use the mailing list to ask such questions.

Regarding online documentation resources, then the only one that is strictly relevant is MSDN; for a standard MinGW installation, the Visual Studio 6.0 Runtime Library Reference is probably the most appropriate:

(later versions are also supported, but VS-6.0 is the best fit for the standard MSVCRT.DLL, which is used as default by MinGW).

You may also wish to refer to the Windows API reference material, (but do watch out for version compatibility pitfalls):

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