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How do I add or edit MinGWiki Pages?

Sign in

Register for an account if you do not have one and login with your username and password.

New Page

Click the Create content then click MinGWiki which opens a blank content input form for a new page.

Existing Page

Every page has an 'Edit' tab when you click the tab you will be able to edit the page.

References to Non Existant Pages

If you click a reference on a page and it does not exist you will be given the option to search for the page or to create a wiki page for it. Please fill free to create the page if you have information to put into that page.

NOTE: The new MinGWiki pages might not yet exist and you need to convert the old page to the new format. Please help with this conversion so that we can remove the old wiki ASAP.

Wiki Formatting

We have chosen a provided MediaWiki formatting syntax filter provided by the pearwiki_filter module. This filter only supplies a subset of the format. If you use a format from the documented format that doesn't work here it is most like not programmed for. You have two options; learn the Drupal API and code for it or try something else.

Defined Interwiki Shortcuts

path represents the internal path e.g. [[path:user/register|registration page]] will give a link to the registration page and [[path:about]] will give a link to the about page.
dsf links to the download URI for a specified MinGW hosted file.
sf links to the specified SourceForge project.
sfnews links to the specified SourceForge news URI; you specify the id number. E.g. sfnews:684378.
mingwiki links to the specified freelinking page on
mingw links to a specified page on
wp links to the specified page.
gdo links to the specified page.
doproject links to a specified page.
donode links to a specified page.
This wiki is not a forum for discussion of usage issues. Please use the list instead. We do not allow creation of comments by anonymous or untrusted users, on any page.
Site Status

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