Soren Andersen

This is my first attempt to migrate my entry from the old, defunct wiki to this new one.

I am a programmer with experience in Perl, C, C++ (only a very little), Python, and Java. Mainly a Perl guy.

I use Cygwin extensively.

Sat May 12 16:11 UTC 2007 | What's in a name?

I began using the Debian mingw package recently (the MinGW cross compiler). One interesting this I noted in using it to build a package that (as is very common) employs Autotools as its build infrastructure, was that to Debian's mingw32 compiler package, the GNU-style platform designator for MinGW is i586-mingw32msvc.

The package which I was building was GNU _make_. The for GNU _make_ used a case
statement in which crucial settings were toggled based on detecting


-- note the difference!. As a result of this difference in the notion of what the formal designation of
the MinGW target name is, the package was misconfigured for building. Changing the case statement selector to


fixed the problem.

Thu Jul 5 19:38 UTC 2007 | Using a GNU/Linux MinGW cross-compiler with distcc (preliminary notes)

These notes refer to research that's not fully tested or complete. Some of the statements made here are conjectural rather than empirically tested. YMMV. Caveat Scriptor.

Due to the variations in how the "mingw32" target has been referred to historically (and the mechanics of the GNU architecture designation naming system), I found it helpful to write a program (in Perl) to populate the distcc (distributed C compiler client/server system) /usr/lib/distcc dir with a lot of different named symlinks. See the distcc manual for more info on how the /usr/lib/distcc dir works (it supports using the flexible, powerful masquerade distcc strategy).

The [distccgrove script/program |] is online now. ;-) It
contains embedded proper Perl POD (Plain Old Documentation) including copyright/usage restrictions (Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0" License).
I hope someone finds it useful. Please consider dropping me a quick email note if you are using it. I tend not to practice careful husbandry
of tools that I never get feedback on.

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