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Copying and Pasting from old to new

  • Goto an existing old MinGWiki page
  • execute the login function
  • click the edit button
  • click the mouse into the edit box
  • press the Ctrl-A keyboard action to select all text in the input form
  • Now Create content and choose New MinGWiki.
  • If not already provided, enter the title from the old MinGWiki page
  • Enter an appropriate tag (a.k.a. category or term) for the page
  • In the "Body" of the form now entry Ctrl-V to paste the previous body.
  • You may now "Save" the document at the bottom of the form but you are far from done.

Converting from old to new format

  • Find all %%% markup and remove them. If you need line breaks enter <br/> instead.
  • Titles in the old format used ! or !! or !!! for small, medium, and large. The new format uses a =, ==, ===, ====, ===== and ====== to represent decreasing levels of header. I suggest using ===== for !, === for !! and == for !!! but in the end use what looks best to you.
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