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  • How do I specify the libraries to be searched by the linker?
    • MinGW supports libraries named according to the `<name>.lib' and `<name>.dll' conventions, in addition to the normal `lib<name>.a' convention common on *nix systems. To include any libraries named according to any of these conventions, simply add the `-l<name>' switch to the compiler command, ensuring it is placed _after_ the name of the module in which the reference appears.
    • Note that, if the library is not found in any of the default library search paths, you may also need to insert a `-L<dir>' switch _before_ the `-l<name>' switch, to specify its location.
    • Also note that the library names `lib<name>.a' and `lib<name>.lib' _are not_ equivalent; if you have a library named according to the aberrant `lib<name>.lib' convention, it will not be found by specifying the `-l<name>' switch -- you must use the form `-llib<name>' instead.

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