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Useful Links Related to MINGW

Rather than wait for someone to migrate the community links from the old wiki. I'm starting from scratch and hoping any useful links that still work on the old wiki will eventually be added by the community.

As with the previous wiki page, please add links you think would be useful to the MinGW community. If you find errors or out-of-date links, please help fix them.


  • Reference on STL This is a different version of STL than used by MinGW but the basics are the same.
  • Gnuwin32 libraries Many of the GNU libraries and programs patched and recompiled for MinGW.

Cross-platform GUI Libraries

Misc Libraries

  • Wine on MinGW Some information on an attempt to get Wine and some of the X11 libraries working with MinGW and msys.


Programming Editors

  • SciTE Everyone has their favorite programming editor and this one's mine. It's highly configurable and functionality can be extended using LUA scripts. Here's a page with some tips configuration tips that might help get you started: SciTE Tips

Other Compilers

Tools from other Windows compilers can often be very useful with MinGW too.

  • Open Watcom Check out their interactive debugger and icon editor. Also check out their C/C++ and Win32 documentation.
  • lcc-win32 I haven't confirmed this, but it's rumored to have a graphical resource editor. This is a C only compiler (not C++), but resources are resources. Also, check out the C and Win32 documentation.

More Information

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Well, I got the page started, but now that it's up, I cannot seem to edit the original information to correct any of it. Am hoping whoever's maintaining this wiki will look into this issue and fix the Edit feature. Otherwise, there's no clean way to keep the information in the wiki pages up-to-date. Thanks.

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I don't understand the problem. What happens when you click the Edit tab?

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The wiki does not allow me to fill in the title field. It automatically fills it in for me. However, when I go to save or preview, it loses this information and says Title field required. The changes will not save.

How to Compile User Defined Libraries in MinGW

How to compile a program with no main() function in MinGW.

In turbo C we used tlib.exe

Re: How to Compile User Defined Libraries in MinGW

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You'll have to describe your problem in much more detail, but this isn't the place to do it; use the mailing list.

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Perhaps related?

When I add a new reference, e.g. in HOWTO, then click on it in "preview" I used to be invited to create the new page; now all I see is a "page does not exist" message. I have to use the "Create content" menu to create the new page, which is much less convenient than the former behaviour.

FWIW, I don't seem to have a problem editing and saving existing pages, but I do already have the privilege to modify page titles.

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I've found where the issue exists, I don't have a complete solution as yet. Laura, I've given you a special permission which allows you to update titles; I ask that you please refrain from doing so. This will allow you to edit the page. I will search for a solution to this problem.

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Thanks for contacting me Laura. I've filed a bug report with Drupal. The form API within Drupal core is at fault. I've modified the one function that involves the title field to DTRT in a Q&D way so it now works for everyone.

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I love computers! ;p Well the people that program them anyway. I'll look for a solution ASAP.

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Looks like the title bug is back. I can't update the wiki page without getting information that the title is required and I can't edit or add a title.

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