Revisions for HOWTO Specify the Location of Libraries for use with MinGW

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2013-10-14 14:17 by keith

Copy of the revision from 2013, June 25 - 15:41.

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2013-06-25 14:41 by keith

Explain techniques for making a custom library search path available to GCC.

2013-06-24 14:16 by keith

Describe method for installing GNU library packages into a supplementary installation tree.

2013-06-24 11:41 by keith

Add caution relating to potential conflict between MinGW and MSYS GCC, when installing to /usr/local

2009-04-07 12:26 by keith

Make a start on the "Customising ..." section.

2009-04-03 14:21 by keith

Convert to full HTML, to achieve better layout control.

2009-04-02 14:11 by keith

Add section "Installation and Use of Supplementary Libraries".

2009-04-01 13:24 by keith

Extend section "Determining MinGW's Default Library Search Path"; explain how GCC sets default directories by passing -L options to the linker.

2009-03-31 12:42 by keith

Show how to identify ld's default search paths.

2009-03-30 16:14 by keith

Add extracts from binutils/ld manual.

2009-03-24 14:17 by keith

Add "Introduction".

2009-03-23 15:55 by keith

New page, under construction.

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