HOWTO Write a ChangeLog Entry for MinGW Patch Submissions

ChangeLog entries for all additions to, deletions from, or modifications of MinGW source code or documentation should be written to comply with the format guidelines set out in the GNU Coding Standards. The definitive section of this specification, for writing ChangeLog entries, may be found here.

Providing a ChangeLog entry conforming to this standard increases the likelihood of timely acceptance of your patch. Particularly in the case of a complex patch, if you fail to provide the appropriate entry, correctly formatted, your patch will simply languish on the PatchTracker until you rectify the omission; (if it's a very simple patch, and one of the admins is particularly keen to adopt it, he may take pity and write the ChangeLog entry for you, but please don't count on it).

DO NOT provide ChangeLog entries as a diff against the current log; on a dynamically changing CVS, that leads to conflicts, and makes the admin's life more difficult -- he'll be tempted to reject your patch, for this reason alone! Rather, provide the text for your ChangeLog entry in a separate text file, (I like to call it ChangeLog.txt), and attach that to your patch set.

For a new file, e.g. for a new header file, `myheader.h', the ChangeLog entry need be no more complex than:--

YYYY-MM-DD  Your Name  <>

        * include/myheader.h: New file.

For more complex patches, please follow the standard referred to above; you might also like to refer to our own VCS, found here, for examples.

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